Wednesday, July 01, 2009


This is what happens when you have your birthday at camp! Especially when your entire family is there with you.
We had an amazing camp session, my 1st as a Camp Director. About 100 5th and 6th graders and 30 staff went on a medieval journey, with an underlying message of "Surprising God" - with every connotation of that looked at through skits, games, songs, and messages.
I confess to being a tad nervous before it all began, hoping I had a handle on everything. But the one most important lesson I learned from Tom Slawson, who had directed this session for 18 years, was - GET A GOOD STAFF TOGETHER. And I did. I am so grateful for all their hard work, great attitudes, perseverance (it was SO HOT), and joy. The Permanent Staff was amazing, from the opening night when they had to ad lib some skits/songs, to the end - they worked hard, worked together, and made camp great for those campers - which is what it is all about.
And I turned 51 while there - and of course was treated VERY POORLY during lunch on that day. Sigh. It was a messy, but very happy, birthday.

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