Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And now for a non-church related post!


I am still stunned, shocked, speechless and beyond thrilled that the Southern Miss Golden Eagles are headed to the College World Series in Omaha! The only regional #3 seed to make it to a super regional, the Eagles swept the #8 national seed Florida Gators on the Gator's home field to advance to the CWS for the first time ever!
Congrats to the team, and especially their coach, my friend Corky Palmer, who announced his retirement a few weeks ago, after which the team caught fire and made their historic run through the post season. Way to go Corky!
I've been a Southern Miss sports fan since I was 10 years old (ok - do the math - but it's a LONG time). This has to be one of the finest hours we've ever had. We will be huge underdogs in Omaha (we open vs. Texas, number 1 in the nation), but regardless this team will fight hard and they never give up. Trust me - they never give up.
I am proud to be a fan of this courageous bunch - go Eagles!

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jim said...

congratulations on getting to Omaha. We got clubber by UNC is the super regional.