Friday, November 16, 2007

Folks have been prayin'.....I'm just sayin'

We finally got some good-thanks-be-to-God-news about Mackenzie. We were back at UMC in Jackson for more tests, including a hi-res CT and a pretty involved PFT. Here's my wife's email about the results:

"Well today was a full day to say the least. We headed to Jackson
early, started with the CT, then on to do the PFT and lab work, lunch
in there somewhere then the MD appointment. This was with the
pulmonologist, Dr. Haynes. By the time we got to him he had the PFT
results and had looked at the CT. His impression of the CT was that is
certainly wasn't worse and maybe a smidgen better. Wants to wait on
official read before committing. The PFT was a tad bit better as well
so we will take that too. We are way happy with baby steps at this
point. He is going to call with official CT results but in the
meantime has discharged her from his service for a YEAR!!!!! Whew! One
down. Now the lab work was mostly the repeat of all the labs that were
out of whack before. They will go to Dr. DeShazo, the
rheumetologist/allergist specialist. When he gets those he will call
and I am sure depending on those results have a plan. We talked a long
time about this crazy illness and we all think it's some kind of
allergy related pneumonia. He did say that she would have to be
careful with URI in the future as they would hit her harder and
quicker then most. All we have to do is call him and he will take care
of her sooner then most MD's would. This is good news and we are
certainly celebrating on our ride home tonight (we are on the road as
I type). I will send you more information as it trickles in but for
now, she is on the road to recovery. Oh and on a funny side note. When
we came out of the MD's office today, Mackenzie's first words were "so
do I get a prize?"!!!!! Our sweet Mackenzie...... Lol . Luv to you all
and we are off to the beach tomorrow with celebration on our minds,
praise God. Jen"

We are very happy with this news and feel we have turned a corner on this bizarre illness. Thank you ALL for your prayers and support.
Happy Thanksgiving! I know, like us, you all have much to give thanks for. God bless....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Vocare rocks!
In case you don't know, Vocare is a spiritual retreat weekend for young adults. It's modeled somewhat after the Cursillo / Happening model, but quite different in some ways. The talks center around calling - what is a Christian, how do you respond to Christ, lay ministry, ordination, single, married, etc. The staff is usually all young adults.
I was privileged to be one of the spiritual directors for Vocare 38 in our diocese last weekend. This was also the last Vocare for the Reverend Tim Jones of Corinth, MS, who is returning to his native England TODAY, as Vicar of a church in the Diocese of York. Tim is amazing, and we will greatly miss his wit, his energy, his intelligence, and especially his great desire to work with young adults. Godspeed, Tim.
I really like working with this age group and look forward to more opportunities to do so. They are amazing and give me great hope for our church and the world. I am looking for how to continue to support other young adults in my area with a Cornerstone group or the like. If you want in - let me know!