Friday, February 09, 2007

WOW....where have I been??

Does anything on this confounded Coast happen in a timely manner any more?
I haven't posted in ages cuz I just knew that ANY DAY NOW I would be able to either celebrate the miracle I asked y'all to pray for, or talk about plan B.
And we are not there yet.....
Very, very soon I will publish where we are going, and I hope and pray that with that decision behind us we will gain some much needed momentum as we begin planning our buildings.

Meanwhile I continue to spend too much time on the road, still looking for help to build those buildings. Two more trips lined up the next 7 weeks. It is great to share our story and to meet some really wonderful people, wonderful and helpful and hopeful and generous people. It's just that the road gets old, folks, it just does. There is so much to do here, that I regret any time away, but it's what we gotta do for now.

Today was an interesting day. After a 2 am phone call, I had to rearrange the entire weekend. We WERE going to return to the gym this Sunday for services (YAY) preceded by Christian Ed (double YAY). But had to punt on that for a couple of weeks. Spent the day today trying to let everyone in the church know, hope we reached all that were coming. Then learned that the Lutheran church we use on Saturday nights has a funeral at 7 on Sat (we start at 6), so have to make some adjustments to get out by 645.
Can you tell I covet my own space? But all in all, we are blessed to have a place to use and everyone has been great.

Stay tuned. I promise to post more often...and hopefully very soon it will be AMAZING news!