Wednesday, July 08, 2009

GC Begins - Rough start for me

Well I finally made it! I think I am the last of our deputation to arrive, most came Sunday and Monday to Anaheim. I arrived at the Gulfport airport at 5:15 Tuesday morning (3:15 California time) for a 6:15 flight. Boarded and pulled from the gate, headed to the runway........and then we stopped. Bad weather in Houston, had to sit awhile....and sit and sit and sit and sit. 2 hours later we rolled back to the gate and were allowed to de-plane. Another hour goes by, then we reboard....roll to the end of the runway....and sit and sit and sit and sit. We finally take off, landing in Houston at 12:30 (vs. original time of 7:30!). 5 hours late, I of course missed my connection.
The airport in Houston was slammed with people, all trying to do what I was doing - find another way to our destination. Fortunately Continental had several L.A. bound flights, and on the 3rd attempt I was able to fly standby.
Things began to look up when I actually 1) got an aisle seat and 2) my luggage was actually there waiting on me at LAX. Took the rush-hour shuttle to the hotel in Anaheim, and here I am.
I was too late to go to the convention center and register (it's an impressive building from the outside, but was locked up when I tried to check it out last night). So I went walking around the area. The Hilton is across the street from a back gate to Disneyland, but you can't see much of it. Some of the roller coasters are within "screaming" distance. The quaint motels around the park are interesting - with names like "Candy Cane Inn", "Jolly Roger", and "Castle Court", I imagine they are some of the first "motor hotels". I found a place to eat, then wandered back, buying some breakfast food on the way (hotel breakfast is way to expensive).
This morning I actually went and worked out - the fitness center at the hotel is WAY NICE. Saw lots of Episcopal friends in there.
Time to start the first full day - more later. You can leave comments, if you behave, and I will try to respond to questions.

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Scott said...

Unreal... I'd be a basket case, or more of one...