Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday in Anaheim

This morning I attended the main Eucharist of GC - I was told over 9000 people were there! It was a wonderful service with fantastic music and singing. The ECW reps presented their UTO offerings, and the PB preached an excellent sermon about traveling light, but remembering to bring with us the sacrament of the reign of God. She was joined at the altar by the two previous Presiding Bishops - Frank Griswold and Ed Browning, a nice touch.
On Sunday there are no legislative committee meetings, but we do go back into legislative session in the House of Deputies later this afternoon. I am the floor again (as the only clergy alternate I am getting plenty of floor time). I am thrilled over some of the Evangelism resolutions coming up and hope they will be passed. They call us to develop real plans for new church plants, and for assistance for all our people in being evangelists to a multi-cultural, multi-faith world. We can NOT afford to be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and with the decline we have been experiencing it's high time we really focused on how to tell our story - which is a good story with amazing things to share in how we pray, how we worship, the sacraments, etc.
Tonight is a special ECW event with Elisabeth Von Trapp playing and singing, it benefits the Jericho Road housing intiative in New Orleans established by the Diocese of Louisiana after Katrina - a wonderful program.
More later.......

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