Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's time to DIG!!!

My friends, I am so very pleased and excited to announce - we are ready to GO on our new building. We have permits in hand from the city and site work will begin THIS WEEK! Our contractor has ordered materials and we will approve final plans this Thursday (7th).
I cannot even tell you what this means to me and to our people. When I received the news that the permits were ready to be issued, I wept. This milestone was so long in coming. What a witness to the resilience of our people, and the incredible help we have received.
Speaking of help, we are still hoping for those who can give a little to help make this building a reality. If you go to our SITE, you can donate online. Please think about it and pray about it. We are very excited about our future in Long Beach, and as the 3rd anniversary of Katrina bears down on us, we are ever more committed to being a viable presence in our community.
On a personal note, just got back from vacation and catching up in the office and on the road. Made plans for two fund raising trips (Chicago and San Francisco - if you are in those areas PLEASE let me know). And my son entered high school today - another milestone.
Soon to come - pictures from the construction site....

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