Friday, July 11, 2008


I, um, somehow, er, forgot to mention that, while I was at camp, I had
50. For some reason this one really got to me. I have been dreading it all year. It's a shock, and I mean that, to think about. How did this happen? Am I really 50???
It's a year of getting healthy for me - physically, spiritually, mentally. Working on some things, and so far so good.
I turned 50 at camp (see post below). I actually thought if I didn't tell anyone, the day would just slip on by. RIGHT. With a daughter on staff, my son with me, and my wife working behind the scenes, EVERYONE at camp knew. They actually were pretty light on me. Got food crammed down my throat as part of a game / song at lunch - with my 3 children doing the cramming! My wife and middle child drove up for the day and surprised me. It turned into the perfect way to spend a birthday. And I am slowly getting used to the idea.

On another note, I know I don't post regularly, and have decided to do something about that. But, I wonder if by my inconsistency no one is reading any more. That's cool, and if so I will let the blog die. But if you are out there, can you post a comment and let me know?

Thanks - hope to hear from ya!


Margaret said...

Still reading, still praying, still grateful for you all.

Sophia said...

Definitely still reading... hope you keep writing.

Tripp Hudgins said...

Hey. Still here. Happy Birthday!