Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav and Year Three

It's the 3rd anniversary of Katrina. Intentionally we are not doing anything special today, church wise. Good thing, as the level of anxiety down here right now is off the charts. As Gustav churns away almost 1100 miles south, we all anxiously watch the projected path and intensity. Two days ago we were square in the center of the "cone of uncertainty", and despite being constantly told that it was way too early to project an exact path, something about being on that middle line drove people over the edge.
Which is really ok. Preparations are on going. Folks are, I think, much more ready this time. Evacuation plans, gassing up, etc. done way ahead of the usual pace.
Today the center line of the path is west of us, but we certainly are still in the midst of the projection. But seeing that line move, it calms people down some. It shouldn't, but it does.
We know better. From Ivan and Katrina, from storms of all the past years, we KNOW that once it gets in the gulf, it really could go anywhere. The tracking will narrow it down in time, but by the time that happens, it's too late to do all the things we are finishing today. I am glad we are paying attention. I am not glad about the frayed nerves, the relived trauma, the rawness of this event, on the 3rd anniversary of "that" one.
Last year I posted THIS on the anniversary date. This year I was hoping to let it slip by as we prepare for the ground breaking of our new building in a week. But Gustav changed all that. Once again we are reminded of the cost of living here, a cost not just in having to go through all this, but also an even greater cost, I think, in stress and fear. This reminder, even if we do not take a big hit, will send some more people to other locations, leaving the coast behind forever.
I pray this storm shrinks and is a non event. Forecasts claim otherwise. I am grateful for all the prayers and support. Today and yesterday I have heard from many, many people across the country who are concerned for us, and it reminds me yet again of how we are all connected. The body of Christ is stronger than any storm, and I am so appreciative of those parts of the body that continue to hold us up when we need it. God bless you all.


Emily said...

David, we don't know each other personally, although we have many mutual friends. You have often been in my thoughts and prayers, and are again as we watch the weather forecasts. We'll pray esp. for you tomorrow at St. Christopher's and hope that God's mercy intervenes in whatever way possible.

Emily Schnabl

Jill Harrison said...

Hi David ...
God is with you all ... no matter what happens ... so glad to know that you know that!

Gracious God, thank you for David and Jennifer ... keep them safe and grant them strength and wisdom when they need to use it and rest so they can continue in your service. Amen.

Jill Harrison

Sophia said...

Sending thoughts and prayers to all of you from New York City. May God bless and keep you.

Laureli (RMT) said...

hello St Patricks

I almost came for a visit this week, being my break between terms from school. When I saw the forecast - memories just ran rampant - I chose to not make the visit. I went to church this morning and of course there were prayers sent up for that maybe in it's path. I personally pray that it is a "non-event" as you mentioned Fr. Dave.
I also spent some time this evening with a friend that came from N.O. we aren't physically there but we still have the fresh/raw memory and only know to well what our friends and families are dealing with.
It seems from the news broadcast that things are happening more quickly and smoothly this time for all - I hope that is true.
prayers and blessings your way.