Thursday, January 28, 2010

Asking for prayers...

Sometimes when you are in this "bidness" you can forget to ask for prayers for yourself and family. It's been a very intense pastoral care week at St Pats - our first funeral of a parishioner in our new building (horrible train - car accident), another great family who is losing a loved one, two other families in real crisis (can't say more). It becomes a challenge to be everywhere you need to be.
And on the home front, my daughter, whose illness was chronicled on here a year or so ago, is having difficulty again. In a lot of pain and discomfort. She and my LW are back at the university hospital today for doctor visits, and some additional tests are already scheduled for later this month. Just cannot find out what's causing all this.
My wife was in the hospital 3 times before Christmas - sinus surgery, then they had to go back in, then had to be put in the hospital a 3rd time to manage things. She's really no better, in fact I think she is far worse than before the surgery. Everyday wakes up with her face swollen and severe headaches.
I think we are haunted by some kind of Katrina Krud.
Then tomorrow (Friday), my mother in law is having a pace maker put in (a new one) and my LW will be her round the clock nurse, as usual. The next day I have a niece getting married (a good thing of course) in the same town where ma-in-law will be, so will get to see lots of family. Then we hope to take a few days off in New Orleans the first of the week. Good friends have arranged us tickets and access to a suite at the Hornets game Monday night - should be fun!
A mix of difficulty and good times ahead. Prayers are always appreciated - especially for my daughter, Mackenzie, and my wife and her mom.

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St. Casserole said...

I can pray even if I showed up to read this post a day late.