Monday, August 20, 2007


We finally closed on the property last Tuesday! ALLELUIA! Thanks for all your prayers, keep em coming. Go here to our web site for pictures of the property, and other updates.
Even though Hurricane Dean is far, far away, the mere presence of a major storm on our end of the ocean has raised some anxiety levels amongst folks here.
Meanwhile our volunteer pool at Camp Coast Care (and all the work camps on the coast) is almost non-existant. We understand people not wanting to come down in the August heat, but if you have a church group (or any group) looking for some great mission work, we really, really need your help, and will for years to come. CCC is operating at a high level as to the number of families we are getting back in their homes, but we just cannot do it without volunteers. Click here to sign up or to find out more about CCC. THANKS


AKMA said...

Congratulations, Dave! I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing better, too; all this must be a tremendous relief.

Know that you're in our hearts, and we'll keep you in our prayers for times when the excitement settles down and daily stres resumes.

Whistle said...

Glad to hear you have LAND!

All volunteer group sites report low numbers of nonexistent numbers in August. I don't want to go to Mississippi in August, either!

St. Casserole using my cat's blog

Reverend Ref + said...

Congratulations, and echoing AKMA -- looking forward to a time when "normalcy" resumes.