Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The good news - I have had two Sundays off in a row. The bad news - the rest of the "vacation" has not been very ...um...vacation-y.
It's just one of those things. Due to recent medical issues in the family and my wife's work schedule having to be adjusted accordingly, and the RIDICULOUSLY early start to the school year for my son - who is attending a new school where he knows absolutely NO ONE, since Katrina ramifications caused his old school to drop its middle school completely -the time off for me has required me to stay in town. This is NOT a good idea.
I am supposed to be off all this week as well, but I am pretty convinced I will return to work tomorrow (Wednesday). There's no sense wasting the precious off days if they are not doing for me what I need them to. Sigh.
On another note, my best friend on the Coast is leaving. It's great news for him and his family, I am so excited for them. But it sucks for me, personally! It's a fantastic opportunity for him, so I will just have to GET OVER IT. But I plan on throwing a pity party in the near future, anyway.

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Sorry to hear about the vacation, David. That's a shame. Honestly.

And throw whomever a great party. It sounds like you could use one as well!