Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Would appreciate prayers....

It's been another adventurous week in my household. Monday of last week, my middle child suffered shortness of breath (she's 20!) while driving, alone, home from a weekend at her college (she is living at home this summer and working). She pulled over and began hyperventilating. She finally reached me on the phone, and I got her mom on the phone (a nurse, ya know), and we were able to get the sheriff's office in that remote area to begin looking for her. Two ambulances were dispatched, my daughter passed out while talking to the dispatcher, but they finally found her. She was taken to a hospital about 30 minutes from where she was. The LW and I of course had already left, headed in that direction. I turned a 3 hour drive into about 2 hrs and 15 minutes, and had a friend meet the ambulance so she wouldn't be all alone.
The ER ran some tests and eventually discharged her with no diagnosis. On Tuesday, it happened again, but I was home with her and got her breathing managed before it got too bad. Wednesday she went for a battery of tests, and Thursday her shallow breathing got MUCH worse. She could hardly talk or eat or walk. She was admitted to the local hospital Thursday night.
After running a multitude of tests, involving both cardiac and pulmonary stuff, as well as testing her for every known virus and infection, she didn't fare real well over the weekend. She began having sharp chest pains and her breathing did not improve.
She did finally turn a corner Sunday, and was discharged to bed rest last night. Her breathing is improved but chest pain continues. They have mostly eliminated any "bad" cardiac reasons for this, but don't really know still what is causing the shortness of breath. One lab test was not good and will be repeated soon, for auto-immune related stuff. So we are very concerned and she is struggling with the pain.
Please pray for Mackenzie and all our family, when you have a chance.


David Bailey+ said...

Consider it done, my brother!


ps - and when did she grow up??

Jane Ellen+ said...

Hm... comment didn't post when I read this originally; but I have been (and still am) praying for you all.

Susie said...

Oh dear, how very very frightening. I will definitely keep her (and worried parents & sibs) in prayers.