Tuesday, July 03, 2007


A couple of posts ago I talked about the sweltering heat we are experiencing (I know, it's nothing new). But it is worse now for the Knight family - our home A/C died yesterday!
It was 85 degrees INSIDE when I got home from work yesterday. I kick started the compressor a couple of times but it wouldn't stay on. We slept with windows open - it was miserable. Our temp yesterday was 92 but the humdity was 96%! Heat index over 100.
The other problem with sleeping in the heat was the memories it triggered. For my LW especially, it was a vivid reminder of all those days post Katrina with no electricity, no cool air, no fans, etc. She was STRESSED to the max. Sleep was difficult. When you are so acclimated to the A/C, missing it is hard. I know I am whining, but ...... YUK.
On top of that my daughter's car died on her way home from work, making a horrible noise. It's a 99 Civic with over 100K miles. I expected the worst. Had it towed to the local repair shop, but got good news, a pulley had broken that supported the fan belt, fairly minor repair. WHEW.
My LW and middle child have headed to the Gulf Shores area where family is gathering for the 4th. I am staying here tonight, praying the repair dude shows up and it's not a major effort to fix it. With the holiday tomorrow, this is going to be expensive no matter what!
On top of all that, my smoke alarms started giving off false alarms all day today, finally found the "offender" and yanked that baby out of the ceiling. I think it was dust from the windows being open and the fans blowing, so will put it back once the AC is running.
Pray I don't have to sleep on the floor of my office trailer, which, by the way, was ROCKING during today's thunderstorm. Isn't life an adventure???


St. Casserole said...

Rats! Double Rats! Can't stand it when the a/c breaks down! Reminds me of the sticky misery of storm life, too.

Hope everything gets patched up tomorrow.

Susie said...

Ooh, breaking cars are scary.

But I drive a 98 Civic, and its got 167K, and going fine, with regular checkups, if that helps...