Thursday, November 10, 2005


I think I've mentioned before how different preaching is these days. Not just from the post-hurricane standpoint, but also because we often have 40 or more guests - volunteers serving at our relief center. They live in the gym where we hold services. They bring energy and enthusiasm to the service, they laugh at my old jokes, and they cry - a LOT.
We are blessed to have them and they influence what I say each week.
Last Sunday's All Saint's sermon included the volunteers in a big way. I will post a link when it gets online (yes, I am audio recording sermons again).

Jane Ellen asked me to post the new congregational prayer. It is glommed from various sources, some to do with new church plants, some with new buildings, etc. We will use it for church services and vestry meetings. I have asked my vestry to keep it in their cars and pray it as they investigate various real estate properties around town as potential church sites. It is posted below.
Meanwhile, please keep praying and coming. The work is so long and hard and overwhelming. I was back at church site today. It is still so hard to go there. The debris and the smell and the absolute RIDICULOUSNESS of how much is destroyed is beyond the senses.
FEMA reported today that Katrina had the highest ever recorded storm surge - over 35 feet in Pass Christian, which is where I live and 5 miles from my church. We never had a chance. The surge was more than 10 feet higher than Camille, the previous monster storm. All the more reason to pray:

O Lord God of Israel, the heavens cannot contain you, yet
you are pleased to dwell in the midst of your people, and
have moved us to set apart a space on which to rebuild a house
of prayer: Send us your Spirit, that we may learn what you would have us do and the words and
witness you would have us offer, Guide us as we continue your work;
show us the field in which to plant that your Kingdom may come and your power be revealed in this community; to the glory of your Name. Amen.


St. Casserole said...

Lovely prayer. Thank you for posting it here.

Karen B. said...

David, thanks for sharing your prayer with us. It is helpful for those of us trying to be faithful in continuing to our Gulf Coast brethren in prayer.

I've posted the link to my blog:

May the Lord pour out His daily grace and strength and guide you in each decision re: the rebuilding.

Songbird said...

My small church continues to pray for those of you on the Gulf Coast.

St. Casserole said...

David, the clergy group is meeting at the parsonage at the Nugent UMC. Tuesdays. You could join us.
Everywhere else me met before Katrina has blown away. Everywhere.
We have good coffee, too.

St. Casserole said...

everywhere WE met

a kitten jumped on my lap while I typed

Susie said...

Beautiful prayer. Y'all remain in our prayers too - and I know people will want to share in this particular prayer.

Diggie said...

David, is your All Saint's Day service audio online yet?

David said...

All Saints and other audio sermons are now online
Click the sermons link

Thank you for being here! You give us hope!