Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Media Star and Seminary Friends

It's been a very interesting few days. It's Seabury Reunion time at Camp Coast Care. One classmate arrived last Friday and two others came on Monday, a fourth arrives tomorrow. They are all WORKING VERY HARD! I am so proud of them, and so very grateful that they are here. It is interesting, also, to preach in front of them, but mostly it's FUN.
They are so helpful to me. I tell people all the time that I don't have a &^%$* clue what I am doing. Bouncing things off of good friends whose advice I covet and appreciate is helping me with some struggles. Plus, I can let off steam around them and be comforted.
Today I drove two of them around the beach area, with a parishioner of one. I have made that journey countless times since Aug 29, but it is still hard. I am a little numb to the damage, and today I could even see some signs of advanced debris cleanup, but the task is SO huge. Couple that with the unexpected cold snap, and folks around here are deeply struggling. And I confess - I am whipped. I am tired and confused and drained and questioning. The hugs from friends are much needed these days.
As to "media star", my very unflattering picture is on the cover of both the Arizona Episcopalian and the Virginia Episcopalian - and today I was interviewed by the local newspaper. I am SURE I will be misquoted (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). Anyway, it is very, very WEIRD to be in those papers, and I have received calls already from people and churches in both dioceses wanting to help. So THANKS to my unknown Arizona and Virginia friends!


Rob M said...

So this is David Knight?

Interestingly, I have your blog bookmarked from well before Katrina (though I haven't visited it for a while and just happened upon it again this morning). This is Rob Merola from St. Matts--we'll be down this Tues but perhaps you'll be gone already. We have some money we'd like to deliver directly to you for your disc. fund, but if you are not there, may simply leave it with Melissa's parents.

I had no idea you have a blog! I'll have to go back now and reread it with renewed interest.

Diggie said...

God bless you and your family, David. My husband and I just returned from a week at Camp Coast Care, and it was a profound experience for us. We are keeping all of you in our prayers!

David said...

Thanks SO much for being part of our world. Bless you.
The All Saints sermon, and others, are now online.

Tripp said...


Hey. Hold up, bro! You are doing a great job.

I am going to contact some friends in VA. I still have ECUSA connections there. Let's see what these folk can do to help out.