Thursday, October 13, 2005

Six Weeks.....forgotten????

We have officially entered the "despair zone", and of great concern to me is how the focus of our nation seems to have moved on. Not to say that the recent disasters in Pakistan and Mexico shouldn't take up much needed attention and appeals for help. But debates over woefully inexperienced Court appointees, and etc. now occupy much of the media's attention. I wonder if those outside our region have a clue of the desperate situation we are in.
While some areas of the Coast are up and running, with a few businesses getting online, we still are in a stage of mass destruction cleanup and the need for the basics of life. Our relief center continues to see 100s a day, and we are very short on food and other supplies. We send appeals out now (we didn't have to for a long time), as folks need the free food so they can spend what litle money they have on other things. Many are jobless, with not much hope on that front in the short term.
I know this is not the most popular of blogs in the internet world, but I did seem to have a lot more visitors leaving comments in the early days of Katrina recovery. I don't see that any more. And as I puruse the blogs that I read most often, rarely is the storm mentioned any more. Being forgotten worries me more than the threat of more storms. This will be a long, long haul folks. Keep us in your prayers. Keep coming to help. Keep helping us think of how to put it back together again.

I will be in California this weekend. It was a pre-storm scheduled trip to do a family wedding, but now while there I am visiting several churches in the Bay Area to talk about Katrina and to raise money for the recovery efforts. Plus, the LW and I get a chance to escape the madness for a few days, and for our sanity we must do so from time to time. Problem is, we have to come back. Just typing that depresses me. This is the challenge of a life time. Don't forget us.


Anonymous said...

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AKMA said...

Not forgotten, David — in fact I was just chatting to Annie about you and your situation at St. Patrick’s.

Our hearts are with you — there’s no statute of limitations on hsaring, or friendship.

Sophia said...


You are not forgotten. I don't know that many people read my blog either, but I have added a post asking them to come check out yours.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of your region every day.

will smama said...

You are NOT forgotten. You and others continue to be in our daily prayers.

Blessings to you on your trip to California.

St. Casserole said...

I can help. What do you need?
Glad you are getting a break. I drove 600 miles in two days for a presbytery meeting OUT OF THIS AREA and felt better.
Blessings to you in this MOST interesting time of ministry.

Emily said...


Not forgotten (although I need to remember to add you to my Bloglines account).

Would you drop me an email? I graduated from an earlier SWTS class than you, and I'd like to see if I or others can be of more concrete assistance:


Cathy said...

I just found your blog and YOU are not forgotten. Please share on your blog what you need. (You may have already, but I just read this post so far.

I will read further...God bless all of you.

Jane Ellen+ said...

David, you and your congregation were on the minds and hearts of the good folks at Seabury this week, at Bread for the Journey. I gave information to several people, and certainly was not the only one doing so. Mitch also gave a great presentation on the work and the need.

In addition, our bishop's wife (a licensed counselor) spoke about contact with your diocese at our annual convention today, and garnered several folks who are interested in providing some help. She now has your information, as well as some more details about the work at the school.

You are not forgotten, my brother.