Friday, September 09, 2005

Katrina 4

Here I am in front of the site of my church. Tonight I am just too tired to say much. Go to AKMA's blog for some comments. Also, please go HERE to see pictures of my church before the storm.


David Bailey said...

David, send me an email when you get a chance at

We are praying for you, your family and St. Patrick's here at Saint Stephen's in Cincinnati.

Your brother in Christ

David Bailey

Carol said...

Look Rev. I know this may sound wacky but I cant just send blessings and money. I gotta come down and help you all. I am planning to take 2 weeks from work (hope my boss is understanding) and come down. Heres what I am offering. Other than the usual soup kitchen domestic help which I can and am happy to do, and being a real good quantity cood, I am also a massage therapist and can give volunteers, victims, doctors, diggers, a 10 minute back rub on the spot while someone sits on a folding chair that will lift the spirits and focus the head. Also I can play piano for kids, and give talk thrus. Let me know if I can help and Ill come down from NY in a few weeks. Blessings Carol email is

Carol said...

PS the word was cook not cood. Carol