Thursday, September 22, 2005


The grace of God continues to astonish me in many ways. The numbers of people who have come to help from all over the continent are amazing. THANK YOU ALL...
I am typing this from a portable Internet trailer. A man from Canada and his Anglican Priest wife drove it down and have setup an "internet cafe" for the volunteers here. He is connected via satellite to the net. This is his business, and he is forgoing any money making opportunities to be here to help us. He told me "I knew I had to put up or shut up. I wanted to help - this was something I knew I could do".
His gift is really cool - being connected to the world is a huge thing for all of us.
Our prayers are for all those in the path of Hurricane Rita. It is so hard to believe another monster storm is upon this area. They keep sliding the path to the east, bad news for us and for New Orleans. We are already receiving rain bands here in South Mississippi, and this is bad news for all of us with tarps on our houses. While we are suffering under RECORD heat (new record highs for the last four days, we have had almost no rain since Katrina, which helps in the drying out process.
My vestry has insisted I leave for the weekend. So the LW and I are getting away from the relief center and medical clinic to spend our anniversary and to visit with our daughter at her college. We need it and will relish the time, although it will be short and way too short to do any decompressing.
I did open my new book collection the other day - THANK YOU AKMA and Mitch! It really made my spirits soar - such a simple thing.
Please keep praying and helping. We are getting such wonderful support and quite a few churches are offering to adopt St. Patrick's. We will rebuild TOGETHER. Bless you all.

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Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure. I am glad I was able to help and hope that I can continue to help. I am glad you were able to get away for a little bit. You are all in my prayers.