Saturday, March 07, 2009

View from a Chair

The surgery went fine. Not only was the achillies tendon ruptured completely, a few inches above the heel, but it also "fileted" off of the calf muscle. Surgeon had to repair both of course.
2-3 days post op pain was pretty severe, but now it hardly hurts at all. I am completely non-weight bearing, so on crutches, keeping it elevated, having to figure out creative ways to get in and out of the shower, etc. I may be allowed to start rehab in a week, but will still be non-weight bearing, maybe through Easter! Ugh.
My wife is an absolutely amazing help, so patient and also very creative in solving problems in my world. She is the best.
I do church in a wheel chair. Since I am NWB, I can't stand to preach or celebrate Eucharist. I roll myself in procession and roll around to the altar, etc. The perspective is so different. I have a new appreciation for physically challenged folks serving in church, even though my circumstances are quite trivial compared to most of them.
Preaching is especially strange. Sitting to preach - lends itself, I think, to much more of a teaching mode. I don't like not being able to see or be seen by everyone. I don't use a text, seems silly to shuffle papers in the chair. But so far it seems to be going ok.
I am very glad we were careful in our planning of the new building to make it very accessible - not for me, as this is quite temporary, but for all those who are challenged physically, our absence of steps, ample handicap parking, and wide doorways will be very helpful.
It's not the Lenten journey I expected, but it certainly is one that forces me into times of reflection and prayer. I cannot drive and spend most days in a chair doing emails, phone calls, and reading, writing sermons, etc. Yes, i will be thrilled when I can walk again, until then I am grateful for an outpouring of support and prayer, and for my wonderful family that cares so well for me.

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