Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No, that doesn't mean I need to vent. It's a new verb, describing that special sense we try to recall during Advent - waiting, watching, hoping, anticipating.
It also describes St Patrick's church. Our new building is going up! It is truly fun to see. Walls are in place, roof trusses are up, decking of the roof is ongoing, parking lot is ready for gravel. Pretty exciting!
Less exciting is the LARGE gap in funds needed to pay for it. Please see if you can help.
But meanwhile - we watch it. We wait. We hope. We cannot wait. It's coming!
So is The One for whom we wait, and watch, and hope for. The child came, God became one of us. And He shall come again. So this Advent, we are Advent-ing on a couple of levels - and maybe, this time, we really get it?
Will you watch with us?

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