Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taking Care

May has been another month with much travel in it. I spent the 1st 7 days at CREDO - which, for you clergy folks checking in, if you get an invite - GO.
CREDO is sponsored by the Church Pension Fund, with a focus on clergy wellness in 4 areas - health, spirituality, vocation, and finances. I found the time to be very well spent and found help in all 4 areas. You end up with a "CREDO plan", with 3 objectives and perhaps a BHAG too. I have already made some positive changes in all 4 of the above areas and anticipate continuing to do so.
Last week I spent 3 days in Detroit at a Gathering of Leaders, a very exciting time. Retired Bishop Claude Payne of Texas had the vision for this group, and along with my Bishop, Duncan Gray, and others, put together these semi-annual meetings of folks who are fired up about mission. All attendees need to have at least 15 years of ministry left before retirement. It was a thrill to be with a group of Priests who are focused on the mission of the Gospel, and not over anxious or overly redirected to dealing with the "issues" of the day. Make the main thing the main thing, folks. The networking part is the real vital part of GoL, and I look forward to continuing in this group.
I spent one day back home, then drove to Atlanta for a family thing, back the next day for church. Our architects presented the final master site plan to us on Sunday, and it looks awesome. I need to find another million bucks somewhere, so pray for us, if you don't mind. We hope to close on the property soon!
Next week - another trip, but a fun one as I will accompany my wife for HER job to NYC. We have built in several fun days, a mini vacation for the two of us. Can't wait!

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