Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Hero

It's not that often in life when the "rest of the world" actually gets to see and understand what you already know. But that happened in the life of my family this week.
My LW was honored as the Hero of the Week by our local TV station. They have been selecting folks each week for acts above and beyond the call of duty during and after Hurricane Katrina (or as we call it "the storm". We almost never say the name of it down here).
My LW is an RN and lost her job from the storm. She had been on enough Honduras medical missions to know how to setup and run a medical clinic, so with our Bishop's permission, she did so. Beginning in a school gym (where we now hold church) without walls and missing some roof, she took some donated meds and with the help of some medical folks who showed up out of nowhere (initially from Virginia and from Meridian, MS), they got busy. They saw 350 patients the 1st day!
A web of docs and other medical personnel from all over the country was soon established - I cannot even describe to you how MUCH she was on her cell phone every day and night coordinating the army of volunteers. They came from everywhere and each of them was deeply touched by the work. When the free clinic was finally merged into a local clinic that she helped setup nearby, they had seen over 22,000 patients for free medical and mental health care. It was an amazing operation, truly amazing.
I am proud of my hero - I hope you are too. To see the video just go to here.


Anonymous said...

As you said it, now the world, or at least a small part of it, knows what you and all of Jen's friends know.


Pastoral Team said...

Amazing. Well done, good and faithful servant.

St. Casserole said...

I'm so proud of her! Thank God she was there for people.

I didn't realize that she was Mrs.Much Ado when I saw this.

Bro. Bartleby said...

Thank you all!